Time: 22:57
Date: 18. June 2024

  • We base our activities on principles of honesty, law-abidance and cooperation, we do not use children’s labour against the law, do not participate in illegal agreements, do not classify or discriminate our employees, clients, partners on the grounds of their skin colour, religion or philosophical beliefs, do not prevent our employees from joining incorporating organisations.
  • We aim not to use raw materials and other materials, which may originate from prohibited districts or which may be involved in illegal activities, which may be toxic, which may damage environment and occupational environment, which may be detrimental to cooperation and communication between us and our clients.
  • We make sure that our employees and our partners will never be embarrassed due to our activities; we aim to retain and develop connections with our surroundings so that we should not regret anything we have done neither today or in the future.
  • We aim to be supportive and understandable in respect of indications and situations where there is a well-founded expectation for our help.

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