Time: 18:33
Date: 01. June 2023

Cardboard pallets

Cardboard pallets consist of a cardboard surface board and cardboard feet, which are designed in a way that makes them capable of carrying a lot of weight without deforming. The design and structure of the cardboard feet is developed and protected by Kastoram WOOD OÜ. The cardboard pallets are very lightweight, being the weight of just a fraction of that of a wooden pallet, while also being very easy to dispose of due to the product being completely recyclable. The cardboard surface is clean, dry and pleasant looking and there are no nails, screws or clips used in their production.

In the process of designing and producing the pallets we use cardboards with different strength, so we can put together pallets specific to the needs of the client. For example, through static method load tests the 800x600 mm cardboard pallets was burdened with 650 kg of evenly placed weight and the cardboard feet of the product retained their original shape without deformation. The 1200x800 mm cardboard pallet was burdened with 900 kg under which the product also retained its shape.

In summary we can state that if you need a lightweight, clean and pleasant looking pallet which is 100% recyclable and you are innovatively minded, then it is the perfect time to turn to us so we could collaboratively create the cardboard pallet for you.

Kastoram WOOD OÜ
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