Time: 19:47
Date: 01. June 2023

Wooden footwear

The human need for nature has always been great. We like natural earthly things, but the world that surrounds us if often the exact opposite of that. We have begun to change that and started with real wooden footwear. Even such a small accessory to the everyday life as natural wooden footwear, can bring you closer to the elements of nature.

The smooth and clean wooden surface of the footwear, which are also flexible and comfortable with an unique and practical design which is protected by Kastoram WOOD OÜ, is the perfect option for going to the sauna, walking on grass, but also on beachsand or on city streets. The open and aery design with a bottom which has holes for air to get through, makes wearing them useful and healthy for the feet.

Our footwear is processed with natural treatment to make them easily maintainable. All and all it makes them easy to use and they accentuate their wearer.

Our approach to our product is always to be nature-friendly, sustainable and resposible.

Kastoram WOOD OÜ
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