Time: 17:56
Date: 01. June 2023

Plywood pallets

Plywood pallets are made from multilayered quality plywood, for the feet of the pallet high-pressure sawdust blocks are used, neither the plywood nor the blocks need heat-treating (HT). Such pallets are with a high level of load endurance, lightweight, clean and pleasant looking.

The sawdust blocks, to which the plywood board attaches, and the soles of the pallet are lightweight, but strong and durable, which make the pallet easy to manage. When it comes to transporting your merchandise in a situation where the gross weight of the load plays an important part, the plywood pallet is clearly preferable due to its light weight and durability. In addition it’s possible for us to change the design of the pallet in order to produce them in accordance to the wishes of the client.

If you need an easy to manage, clean, moisture resistant pallets that meet HT requirements, then it is just the right time to turn to us to find a solution.

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